What to Look For in a Commercial General Contractor

A commercial general contractor helps businesses with their commercial structures. They oversee the construction work and the different crews needed to get everything done on time. A contractor is the main contact point for someone wanting to get a construction project done. This industry is large and continuing to grow. According to Unissu, a trusted global platform for PropTech procurement, 10% of the globe’s GDP comes from construction. If you need to hire a commercial general contractor, here are some basic tips for what to consider.

Free Estimates and Warranties

Before you hire a commercial general contractor, it’s important to understand the costs and warranty protections involved. Working with a company that provides free estimates is ideal. Companies that offer a 3-year Butler Buildings warranty and a 25-year material finish warranty are also optimal, since you won’t have to be charged an arm and a leg if something goes wrong with your building within that timeframe.

Fast Responses

It’s also best to hire a contractor who quickly responds to customers. You want to be sure that you look for a company that returns calls and messages immediately or on the same day. This demonstrates the company’s commitment to the people they serve. It also reflects a well-run and efficient business.

Previous Experience

You also want to make sure you’re hiring a contractor who stands behind their previous work and is proud of what they’ve done for previous customers. It’s a good sign when a company shows pictures on their website and explains the details of their buildings. This will give you a better idea of what kind of work quality you can expect after you hire them.

Awards and Accolades

Additionally, it’s helpful to look for a commercial general contractor’s list of awards for their services. It’s a good sign when they have a whole section on their website dedicated to this. In this section, they will likely list several honors and other companies with whom they have a solid business relationship. All these details help build the commercial general contractor’s reputation in the eyes of potential customers.

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